Jean Leó Léonard

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jean Leó Léonard plays a role.


Djordjević Léonard, Ksenija et Jean Leó Léonard 2019 Complexité du continuum dialectal carélo-vepseThe Intricacy of Languages, Feliu, Francesc and Olga Fullana (eds.), pp. 137–152
The Russian Republic of Karelia, located on the borders of Finland, is the territory of a complex dialectal continuum which goes from Finnish (Eastern) to Vepse, passing by Karelian, Livvi and Lude. These are languages or varieties that could be called collateral (Eloy 2004). These various fennic… read more | Chapter
Kaqchikel, a Quichean language of the Guatemalan Highlands, is well known for its Tense/Lax Vowel Contrast (TLVC) and the wide range of dialect variation of its vowel system, but the acoustic properties of its vocoids have never been scrutinized. A preliminary survey of the speech of ten informants… read more | Article