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Corpora in Translation and Contrastive Research in the Digital Age: Recent advances and explorations

Edited by Julia Lavid-López, Carmen Maíz-Arévalo and Juan Rafael Zamorano-Mansilla

[Benjamins Translation Library, 158] 2021. vi, 345 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Translation Studies


Hidalgo-Downing, Laura, Paula Pérez Sobrino, Laura Filardo-Llamas, Carmen Maíz-Arévalo, Begoña Núñez Perucha, Alfonso Sánchez-Moya and Julia T. Williams Camus 2024 A protocol for the annotation of evaluative stance and metaphor across four discourse genresRevista Española de Lingüística Aplicada/Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics: Online-First Articles | Article
The present article contributes to research on evaluation by addressing two complementary objectives: first, we present a protocol for the identification and annotation of evaluation in English discourse and, second, we show the results of the implementation of the protocol in the annotation of… read more
Yus, Francisco and Carmen Maíz-Arévalo 2023 Interpreting Covid-related memes: The role of inferential strategies and context accessibilityThe Pragmatics of Humour in Interactive Contexts, Linares Bernabéu, Esther (ed.), pp. 6–31 | Chapter
One of the sources of relief, entertainment and socialisation during the Covid pandemic lockdown was the massive exchange of memes on social media and messaging applications. The objective of this chapter is to analyse and categorise 150 Peninsular Spanish memes collected from different… read more
Maíz-Arévalo, Carmen 2021 Chapter 6. Humour and self-presentation on WhatsApp profile statusApproaches to Internet Pragmatics: Theory and practice, Xie, Chaoqun, Francisco Yus and Hartmut Haberland (eds.), pp. 175–206 | Chapter
Self-presentation encompasses a set of strategies through which individuals communicate an image of themselves to others. Self-presentation has been widely studied both in face-to-face communication and online. Most online research, however, has focused on social networking sites, blogs,… read more
The present study stems from previous work on self-presentation in Whats­App users’ profile status. However, its main goal is to gauge other users’ reactions to Whats­App “humorous” statuses. In other words, do other users find statuses intended as humorous “funny”? To this purpose, the… read more
Using a netnographic approach, the present study aims to find out whether age plays a role in the realization of the speech act of complimenting as performed by a Facebook community of Peninsular Spanish users. To that purpose, a corpus of a hundred compliments was collected. Fifty of these… read more
Disagreement has been relatively less studied than other speech acts such as requests or compliments, especially as produced by nonnative speakers of English. The present study aims to analyze the production of disagreement by an international group of Master students who use English as lingua… read more
García Jurado, Francisco and Carmen Maíz-Arévalo 2005 The idiomatic expression of incoherent discourse: “can’t make head nor tail”: Cognitive and contrastive analysis in Latin and EnglishAnnual Review of Cognitive Linguistics: Volume 3, Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco José (ed.), pp. 117–131 | Article
This paper analyses the idiomatic expression “can’t make head nor tail” both in Latin and English. The cognitive analysis of these expressions (syntactic variations and use of other body parts in English), their content (these expressions involve spatial and ontological metaphoric schemata to… read more