Mimi Li

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L2 Collaborative Writing in Diverse Learning Contexts

Edited by Mimi Li and Meixiu Zhang

[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 59] 2023. vii, 253 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Writing and literacy


Li, Mimi and Meixiu Zhang. 2023. Introduction. L2 Collaborative Writing in Diverse Learning Contexts, Li, Mimi and Meixiu Zhang (eds.), pp. 1–10
In this chapter, we synthesize the methodological approaches, research techniques, analytic frameworks, and research practices in existing collaborative writing (CW) empirical research. We start with an overview of both the predominant and emerging research techniques in existing CW literature, and… read more | Chapter
Despite the acknowledgement of the role of languaging in collaborative writing, little research has examined how L2 students use language to mediate the process of jointly composing a text during asynchronous computer-mediated collaborative writing. This chapter reports on a study that investigated… read more | Chapter