Ester S.M. Leung

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ester S.M. Leung plays a role.


Medical Interpreting (MI) as a profession is a recent development and has previously been implemented in Hong Kong (HK) on an ad hoc basis. The roles that medical interpreters play in providing ethnic minorities with equal access to public health services in Hong Kong is informally widely… read more | Chapter
Leung, Ester S.M. and John Gibbons. 2009. Interpreting Cantonese utterance-final particles in bilingual courtroom discourse. China and Chinese, Setton, Robin (ed.), pp. 190–215
This paper examines an unusual feature of spoken Cantonese — the utterance-final particle — to see how it is deployed and rendered by interpreters in courtroom discourse. The data is based on five rape trials heard in the Hong Kong courtrooms. It is a known fact that different participants in the… read more | Article
Leung, Ester S.M. 2008. Interpreting for the minority. Dimensions of Forensic Linguistics, Gibbons, John and M. Teresa Turell (eds.), pp. 197–211
Legal interpreting is more than a service provided to linguistic minorities who do not speak Cantonese (the majority language in Hong Kong), sometimes English interpreting is also a mechanism and establishment to maintain control, by retaining former colonial practices. Despite expectation of… read more | Article
Leung, Ester S.M. 2003. Rights to be Heard and the Rights to be Interpreted. Babel 49:4, pp. 289–301