Tom Koole

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tom Koole plays a role.


Koole, Tom 2024 Meaning as referential work: Reflections on the research object of Interactional SemanticsMeaning in Interaction, Deppermann, Arnulf and Elwys De Stefani (eds.), pp. 167–177 | Editorial
This epilogue to the Special Issue on Interactional Semantics discusses the contributions to the Special Issue in relation to other research to support three arguments. (i) The choice of Interactional Semantics to take the referential function of language (Jakobson) as its object of research is… read more
Credible expertise is no longer a given in our contemporary democracy: for knowledge to be authoritative, experts must take into account a wider audience than just scientific colleagues. This study uses conversation analysis and discursive psychology to investigate how experts deal with this… read more
Pulles, Maaike, Jan Berenst, Kees de Glopper and Tom Koole 2020 Text selection proposals in dialogic reading in primary schoolPragmatics and Society 11:4, pp. 591–614 | Article
In dialogic reading during inquiry learning in primary school, pupils read, think and talk together about text fragments for answering their research questions. This paper demonstrates from a conversational analytic perspective, how the shared activity of text selection is constructed in a goal… read more
This paper reports on conversation analytic research for the Dutch national emergency call-centre. In a corpus study of 120 emergency calls we show that callers’ orientations to their communicative tasks are not aligned to the institutional communicative tasks of the call-takers. In a subsequent… read more
Koole, Tom 2015 The Interaction ToolDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 4:1, pp. 86–100 | Article
For professionals such as doctors, teachers, or different kinds of counsellors, talking with their clients is a major part of their profession. Professionals and clients give and ask information until they reach a state of mutual knowledge or understanding. This paper argues that for this talk… read more
Koole, Tom 2015 Emotion displayHandbook of Pragmatics: 2015 Installment, Östman, Jan-Ola and Jef Verschueren (eds.) | Article
Koole, Tom 2012 Teacher evaluations: Assessing ‘knowing’, ‘understanding’, and ‘doing’Evaluating Cognitive Competences in Interaction, Rasmussen, Gitte, Catherine E. Brouwer and Dennis Day (eds.), pp. 43–66 | Article
It is well established that teachers perform evaluations or assessments of student answers. This chapter shows that participants orient to three different dimensions of evaluations: the positive/negative dimension, the object dimension of what is being assessed, and the dimension of the value… read more
Koole, Tom en Jacomine M. Nortier 2006 De Sociolinguïstiek in Het Nederlandse Taalgebied Anno 2006Thema's en trends in de sociolinguistiek 5, pp. 9–12 | Article
This article presents an overview of sociolinguistic research in the Dutch-speaking community of The Netherlands and Belgium. The overview is based on the contributions to the 5th Sociolinguistic Conference held in March, 2006, after four earlier conferences in 1991, 1995, 1999 and 1993. Compared… read more
Koole, Tom en Jacomine M. Nortier 2003 De Sociolinguïstiek in het Nederlandse Taalgebied Anno 2003Thema's en trends in de sociolinguistiek 4, pp. 9–14 | Article
This article presents an overview of sociolinguistic research in the Dutch-speaking community of the Netherlands and Belgium. The overview is based on the contributions to the 4th Sociolinguistic Conference held in March 2003, after three earlier conferences in 1991, 1995 and 1999. Compared to the… read more
Koole, Tom en Jan D. ten Thije 1994 Een Woord is Genoeg: De Constructie van Institutionele KernbegrippenTaalproduktie, pp. 109–120 | Article
In this article we present an analysis of institutional key words. These are words that are used in institutional communication with a meaning that is peculiar to the organization or institution in which they are used. The meaning of the key words is organized as a cognitive structure which has… read more
The article presented here gives a brief illustration of some results of a case study which took place in 1982. This study fits in with the framework of a larger scale project of the SLO (Foundation for Curriculum Development, Enschede): Language competence in primary school. The goal of this… read more