Kjartan G. Ottósson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kjartan G. Ottósson plays a role.


Ottósson, Kjartan G. 2013 The anticausative and related categories in the Old Germanic languagesDiachronic and Typological Perspectives on Verbs, Josephson, Folke and Ingmar Söhrman (eds.), pp. 329–382
The verbs of the fourth class of weak verbs in Gothic, the nan-class, have traditionally been labelled as inchoative, referring to the characteristic aspectual content of transition to a state. This semantically and formally defined class of verbs is rather well represented also in Old Nordic. In… read more | Article
In this paper, data from sources predating the earliest preserved manuscripts, runic inscriptions as well as poetry, is used to shed light on the earliest history of the morphologically defined Nordic Middle Voice, ending in -sk in Old West Nordic and in -s in Old East Nordic. This category has not… read more | Article