Hyang Marina Lee

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hyang Marina Lee plays a role.



Lee, Hyang Marina and Seong-Woo Yun. 2020. How can we improve the codes of ethics for translators?. APTIF 9 - Reality vs. Illusion: From Morse code to machine translation, De Laet, Frans, In-kyoung Ahn and Joong-chol Kwak (eds.), pp. 706–718
As early as 1963, the FIT adopted the Translator’s Charter during the Congress at Dubrovnik, stipulating the rights, obligations, and social responsibilities of translators. The document inspired many professional translator associations to draft their own codes. These codes share a common goal: to… read more | Article
A survey of 80 translation scholars in South Korea was conducted to shed light on their professional backgrounds and how their profiles compare with those of the translation scholars in Europe surveyed by Torres-Simón and Pym in 2016. The survey results suggest that Korean scholars tend to be… read more | Article
La traductologie constitue un espace extrêmement complexe qui attire les chercheurs venant d'horizons très variés. C'est la raison pour laquelle nous avons besoin d'un point de référence, d'une ʽcartographieʼ permettant de situer les recherches en cours dans ce domaine. Or, si la fameuse… read more | Article
This study takes Sourciers et Ciblistes, a paper written by Jean Rene Ladmiral as its starting point. He classifies major scholars of France and other countries as either source-oriented or target-oriented, and categorizes himself as a target-oriented author. Paying attention to how very… read more | Article
Postcolonial theory, widening the horizons of translation research, has played a significant role in the history of translation studies. But this interdisciplinary field was often neglected. This paper analyses two major authors of translation studies, Berman, French translator and theorist and… read more | Article
Yun, Seong-Woo et Hyang Marina Lee. 2008. La Philosophie de la traduction - de Schleiermacher à Ricoeur -. FORUM 6:1, pp. 179–192
The present article focuses on a hermeneutic approach to translation, namely ‘philosophy of translation.’ Being too abstract and too speculative, this type of research approach has been relatively neglected in recent translation studies. The core translation theories of fourphilosophers… read more | Article
L’objectif du présent article est de réfléchir sur la nécessité de la théorie dans l’enseignement de la traduction. D’abord, notre étude examine brièvement les principaux débats concernant le rôle et l’efficacité des cours théoriques. Ensuite, elle propose de nous pencher sur la dichotomie qui… read more | Article