Oliver Wrede

List of John Benjamins publications for which Oliver Wrede plays a role.



Wrede, Oliver 2016 Continuity in travel informationTraffic & Transport: Part II, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 172–178 | Article
This article discusses the contrast between the information transportation companies provide to travellers and that of their brand messaging. Companies’ brand messaging often portrays the service they provide as pleasant, stress free and perfect. Customers and users of the service, on the other… read more
Louwerse, Max M. and Oliver Wrede 2013 Introduction: Hot Topics in Information Research and DesignInformation Design Journal 20:3, p.  | Article
Wrede, Oliver 2011 a. IntroductionInformation Design Journal 19:1, p.  | Subsection
Wrede, Oliver and Max M. Louwerse 2011 a. IntroductionInformation Design Journal 19:2, pp. 179–180 | Squib