Mohammad T. Alhawary

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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Generative linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Albirini, Abdulkafi, Eman Saadah and Mohammad T. Alhawary 2020 L1 and L2 transfer to L3 in L3 and L2 learners of Standard ArabicLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 10:6, pp. 745–774 | Article
This study examines the influence of previously acquired languages – namely, Colloquial Arabic (CA) and English – on the acquisition of Standard Arabic (SA) by L3 and L2 learners. It reports on the role of typological and structural proximity in language transfer and whether transfer patterns… read more
Alhawary, Mohammad T. and Elabbas Benmamoun 2005 IntroductionPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics: Papers from the annual symposium on Arabic linguistics, Alhawary, Mohammad T. and Elabbas Benmamoun (eds.), pp. ix–xv | Miscellaneous
Alhawary, Mohammad T. 2002 Role of L1 Transfer in L2 Acquisition of Inflectional MorphologyPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics: Papers from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Parkinson, Dilworth B. and Elabbas Benmamoun (eds.), pp. 219–248 | Article