Martin Loetzsch

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martin Loetzsch plays a role.


Steels, Luc, Martin Loetzsch and Michael Spranger 2016 A boy named Sue: The semiotic dynamics of naming and identityComputational Construction Grammar and Constructional Change, Beuls, Katrien and Remi van Trijp (eds.), pp. 147–169
One major lesson learned in the cognitive sciences is that even basic human cognitive capacities are extraordinarily complicated and elusive to mechanistic explanations. This is definitely the case for naming and identity. Nothing seems simpler than using a proper name to refer to a unique… read more | Article
Steels, Luc and Martin Loetzsch 2012 The Grounded Naming GameExperiments in Cultural Language Evolution, Steels, Luc (ed.), pp. 41–59
This chapter shows a concrete example of a language game experiment for studying the cultural evolution of one of the most basic functions of language, namely to draw attention to an object in the context by naming a characteristic feature of the object. If the object is a specific recognizable… read more | Article
Wellens, Pieter and Martin Loetzsch 2012 Multi-dimensional meanings in lexicon formationExperiments in Cultural Language Evolution, Steels, Luc (ed.), pp. 143–166
This chapter introduces a language game experiment for studying the formation of a shared lexicon when word meanings are not restricted to a single domain, but instead consist of any combination of perceptual features from many different domains. The main difficulty for the language users… read more | Article
This chapter presents an operational grammar for German spatial language, in particular German locative phrases, as a case study for processing distributed information. It investigates the complex interplay of syntactic phenomena and spatial semantics, with a specific emphasis on efficient… read more | Article