Andrew R. Linn

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Standardization: Studies from the Germanic languages

Edited by Andrew R. Linn and Nicola McLelland

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 235] 2002. xii, 258 pp.
Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects History of linguistics
Subjects History of linguistics


Linn, Andrew R. 2014 Parallel languages in the history of language ideology in Norway and the lesson for Nordic higher educationEnglish in Nordic Universities: Ideologies and practices, Hultgren, Anna Kristina, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen (eds.), pp. 27–52 | Article
This chapter compares recent policy on the use of English and Norwegian in higher education with earlier policies on the relationship between the two standard varieties of Norwegian, and it charts how and why English became a policy issue in Norway. Based on the experience of over a century of… read more
The major claim of this article is that there is an independent and clearly defined chapter in the development of linguistics, beginning in the 1880s, which represents the birth of modern applied linguistics, and which has been overlooked in linguistic historiography because of the comparative… read more
McLelland, Nicola and Andrew R. Linn 2002 IntroductionStandardization: Studies from the Germanic languages, Linn, Andrew R. and Nicola McLelland (eds.), pp. vii ff. | Miscellaneous