Anikó Lipták

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Approaches to Hungarian: Volume 15: Papers from the 2015 Leiden Conference

Edited by Harry van der Hulst and Anikó Lipták

[Approaches to Hungarian, 15] 2017. x, 255 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Uralic languages

Correlatives Cross-Linguistically

Edited by Anikó Lipták

[Language Faculty and Beyond, 1] 2009. vii, 375 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This paper offers novel insights on articlelessness in noun phrases in Dutch and German headlines. Modified noun phrases that lack a determiner in headlines exhibit adjectival agreement that cannot be explained if one assumes an article that is phonologically null or that has been PF-deleted. We… read more | Article
Lipták, Anikó. 2022. Response particles and verbal identity. Approaches to Hungarian 17: Special issue of the Journal on Uralic Linguistics 1:2 (2022), Halm, Tamás, Elizabeth Coppock and Balázs Surányi (eds.), pp. 239–278
This paper revisits the Verbal Identity Requirement on V-stranding ellipsis in Hungarian, and argues that verb movement out of an ellipsis site does not require the verb to be lexically identical to its antecedent in contexts where emphasis is on the polarity. By showing that lexical identity… read more | Article
Lipták, Anikó. 2015. Relative pronouns as sluicing remnants. Approaches to Hungarian: Volume 14: Papers from the 2013 Piliscsaba Conference, Kiss, Katalin É., Balázs Surányi and Éva Dékány (eds.), pp. 187–207
This paper demonstrates on the basis of novel data from Hungarian that contrary to received opinion, sluicing is possible inside relative clauses. It shows that sluicing can affect a relative clause to the exclusion of its relative pronoun in headless or headed relatives that can be considered… read more | Article
Lipták, Anikó and Enoch O. Aboh. 2013. Sluicing inside relatives: The case of Gungbe. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2013, Aalberse, Suzanne and Anita Auer (eds.), pp. 102–118
This paper contributes to current advances in the cross-linguistic variation of syntactic contexts that allow sluicing. We investigate a relatively rare sluicing strategy: TP-ellipsis inside relative clauses. We analyse this phenomenon in Gungbe based on Van Craenenbroeck and Lipták’s (2006)… read more | Article
Lipták, Anikó. 2012. V-stranding ellipsis and verbal identity: The role of polarity focus. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2012, Elenbaas, Marion and Suzanne Aalberse (eds.), pp. 82–96
This paper shows that the identity condition that characterizes V-stranding ellipsis is not verbal and does not only characterize syntactic heads. In some contexts, this type of ellipsis can strand phrasal material distinct from verbs that complies with the identity condition. The kind of contexts… read more | Article
Lipták, Anikó. 2011. Strategies of wh-coordination. Linguistic Variation 11:2, pp. 149–188
This paper presents an overview of the cross-linguistically available strategies used in the formation of questions with coordinated wh-expressions. It offers a systematic characterization of the existing surface patterns of wh-coordination and the syntactic strategies underlying these, and… read more | Article
Bhatt, Rajesh and Anikó Lipták. 2009. Matching effects in the temporal and locative domains. Correlatives Cross-Linguistically, Lipták, Anikó (ed.), pp. 343–372
Lipták, Anikó. 2005. Relativization strategies in temporal adjunct clauses. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 2005, Pica, Pierre, Johan Rooryck and Jeroen van Craenenbroeck (eds.), pp. 65–117
This article takes a close look at the internal structure of temporal adverbial clauses in a number of unrelated languages, with a goal of uncovering the syntactic variation in these. The focus of discussion will be on temporal clauses that take the form offree relatives. It will be shown that… read more | Article
Lipták, Anikó. 2003. Conjoined questions in Hungarian. Multiple Wh-Fronting, Boeckx, Cedric and Kleanthes K. Grohmann (eds.), pp. 141–160
Dikken, Marcel den and Anikó Lipták. 1997. Csoda Egy Nyelv — Nominal-Internal Predication in Hungarian. Linguistics in the Netherlands 1997, Coerts, Jane A. and Helen de Hoop (eds.), pp. 61–72