Pierluigi Barrotta

List of John Benjamins publications for which Pierluigi Barrotta plays a role.


Science and Democracy: Controversies and conflicts

Edited by Pierluigi Barrotta and Giovanni Scarafile

[Controversies, 13] 2018. viii, 198 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Philosophy

Controversies and Subjectivity

Edited by Pierluigi Barrotta and Marcelo Dascal †

[Controversies, 1] 2005. x, 411 pp.
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Discourse studies | Philosophy | Pragmatics | Psycholinguistics


The preservation of biodiversity is one of the greatest concerns of our age. However, a satisfactory operational definition of biodiversity is still lacking, and it is likely that it won’t be achieved in the near future. In their practice of measurement scientists adopt a pluralistic and… read more | Chapter
Barrotta, Pierluigi and Eleonora Montuschi 2018 Chapter 1. The dam project: Who are the experts? A philosophical lesson from the Vajont disasterScience and Democracy: Controversies and conflicts, Barrotta, Pierluigi and Giovanni Scarafile (eds.), pp. 17–34
In 1963 a huge landslide covered the Vajont valley (north-east of Italy), where one of the tallest arch dams in the world had been put in place (completed in 1959). More than 2000 people died. The locals had repeatedly warned the scientists that the sides of the valley were too fragile to hold… read more | Chapter
Barrotta, Pierluigi 2005 14. Liberals vs. communitarians on the selfControversies and Subjectivity, Barrotta, Pierluigi and Marcelo Dascal † (eds.), pp. 303–324