Miao-Hsia Chang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Miao-Hsia Chang plays a role.



Chang, Miao-Hsia and Ún-giân Iûnn 2021 A corpus-based study of directives in Taiwanese Southern MinConcentric 47:2, pp. 300–336 | Article
This study aims to examine the subtypes of directives and their realization patterns in Taiwanese Southern Min (TSM). The data were drawn from a play script corpus published in the 20th century. Nine directive subtypes were identified: advice, begging, invitation, order, offer, request,… read more
This paper investigates the most frequent lexical bundle (LB) ka li kong (to-you-say) (KLK), in an 18.5-hour Taiwanese Southern Min conversation corpus. The analysis focuses on the discourse-pragmatic functions of KLK, the role it plays in the speaker’s management of information in… read more