Marie Karlsson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marie Karlsson plays a role.


Klausen, Rita K., Marie Karlsson, Svein Haugsgjerd and Geir Fagerjord Lorem 2017 Narrative performances of user involvement among service users in mental health careNarrative Inquiry 27:1, pp. 149–168 | Article
This article deals with user involvement in mental health care and emerges from interviews with four service users at a community mental health center in northern Norway. The stories told by the participants were related to an impending closure of the center following a new health care reform.… read more
The study focuses on how preadolescent girls in instances of adult-children talk within the institutional setting of a girl group discussion forum construct joint stories that challenge a master narrative of school bullying. The unfolding of one such multi-party storytelling event on the topic of… read more
In the present article, we explore identity making in narrative interaction in preadolescent girls’ friendship groups. The data draw on focus group discussions with three groups of preadolescent girls who in the presence of a moderator narrate different versions of an incident that was recognized… read more