Elisa Mattiello

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elisa Mattiello plays a role.


Literary occasionalisms, new words coined by writers with a particular poetic aim in view, often pose a great challenge for translators. Given recent advances in machine translation (MT), could literary translators benefit from MT when it comes to the translation of occasionalisms? We address this… read more | Article
While lexical and discourse strategies of hate speech have widely been studied hitherto, there is limited research devoted to the contribution of grammatical and morphological aspects to verbal aggression. This paper provides a corpus-assisted analysis of slang morphological means used in verbal… read more | Article
Mattiello, Elisa. 2022. Chapter 6. Derivational paradigms: The case of English combining forms. Paradigms in Word Formation: Theory and applications, Ruz, Alba E., Cristina Fernández-Alcaina and Cristina Lara-Clares (eds.), pp. 129–152
This chapter investigates a set of ten English combining forms attested in the Oxford English Dictionary between 1980 and 1997 and discusses the suitability of paradigms for the conceptualisation of analogy-based combining-form combinations. In this chapter, the focus is on the secreted type of… read more | Chapter
This study compares the Italian suffix -ista with its English counterpart -ist in terms of productivity. While in English -ist is often used to designate a person who devotes himself to some science or branch of knowledge (linguist), or refers to an adherent of some creed, doctrine, or art… read more | Article