Pedro Mateo Pedro

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Subjects Language acquisition | Languages of North America | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Duncan, Philip T., Harold Torrence and Pedro Mateo Pedro 2024 Indeterminate pronouns in KaqchikelLinguistic Variation 24:1, pp. 116–163 | Article
This paper investigates the morphology, syntax, and semantics of five non-interrogative constructions that involve wh-expressions in Kaqchikel, a Mayan language of the K’ichean branch spoken in Guatemala. We focus on the properties of maximal free relative clauses, existential free relative… read more
Coon, Jessica, Pedro Mateo Pedro and Omer Preminger 2014 The role of case in A-bar extraction asymmetries: Evidence from MayanLinguistic Variation 14:2, pp. 179–242 | Article
Many morphologically ergative languages display asymmetries in the extraction of core arguments: while absolutive arguments (transitive objects and intransitive subjects) extract freely, ergative arguments (transitive subjects) cannot. This falls under the label “syntactic ergativity” (see, e.g.… read more
Pye, Clifton, Barbara Pfeiler and Pedro Mateo Pedro 2013 The acquisition of extended ergativity in Mam, Q’anjob’al and YucatecThe Acquisition of Ergativity, Bavin, Edith L. and Sabine Stoll (eds.), pp. 307–336 | Article
Ergativity in Mayan languages is realized in the cross-referencing features on verbs rather than as case marking features on noun phrases. Overt absolutive markers appear with intransitive verbs. Some Mayan languages extend the ergative markers to intransitive verbs in aspectless complement clauses. read more