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Conversation Analysis in Chinese: Part II

Edited by Ni-Eng Lim

Special issue of Chinese Language and Discourse 10:2 (2019) v, 175 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sino-Tibetan languages | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


本研究采用会话分析和互动语言学的研究方法和视角,对自然口语会话中“不会 VP 吧”这一构式的互动功能进行了微观分析。分析结果显示,“不会 VP 吧”常出现于某种特有的会话序列环境(interactional sequence),即是说话人利用“不会 VP 吧”的求证功能来证实自己的一种推测。然而,由于这种推测违反了社会常规(social norm),所以又是不符合说话人本身期待值(expectation)的。因此,可以说“不会 VP 吧”亦表达了一种针对 VP  的“反期待”(against expectation)的评价立场(evaluative stance)。 read more
The meta-language unit “I say to you” is frequently heard in Mandarin Chinese conversations, and are most commonly expressed as wo gen ni shuo ‘I say to you’, wo gen ni jiang ‘I talk to you’, or wo gaosu ni ‘I tell you’, collectively termed “I-say-to-you” expressions. Quantitative investigations… read more
Lim, Ni-Eng 2019 Introduction: Recent developments of Conversation Analysis in ChineseConversation Analysis in Chinese: Part II, Lim, Ni-Eng (ed.), pp. 127–132 | Introduction
While the study of Mandarin Chinese intensifiers has been prolific, the methodologies used have been limited to comparative and grammaticalization studies, revealing little about the discourse-pragmatic usages of individual intensifiers. Utilizing a balanced corpus composed of 15 different… read more