Karin Bischof

Karin Bischof

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Democracy and Discriminatory Strategies in Parliamentary Discourse

Edited by Karin Bischof and Cornelia Ilie

Special issue of Journal of Language and Politics 17:5 (2018) vi, 127 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


This paper explores the relation between the use of anti-Semitic rhetoric in post-war Austrian parliamentary debate and the development of the consensus-oriented, corporatist model of Austrian democracy, the “consociational model,” between 1945 and 1955. Specifically, this paper examines the… read more | Article
Bischof, Karin and Cornelia Ilie. 2018. Democracy and discriminatory strategies in parliamentary discourse. Democracy and Discriminatory Strategies in Parliamentary Discourse, Bischof, Karin and Cornelia Ilie (eds.), pp. 585–593
This article analyses antisemitic elements in the Austrian print media discourse about the 2008–2010 economic crisis. The relevant discursive statements are examined in the light of a theoretical understanding of antisemitic discursive threads as found in the prevalent modes of presentation of the… read more | Article
This article presents results from a qualitative analysis of religious and gender-specific ‘othering’ in Austrian and French media discourse on Turkey’s accession to the EU (2004–2006). A typology of arguments justifying inclusion and exclusion of Turkey from Europe or the EU is presented, and… read more | Article