Elena Mihas

Elena Mihas

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Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | Discourse studies | Languages of South America | Pragmatics | Syntax
Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | Language documentation | Language policy


Mihas, Elena. 2019. Gender-switching strategies in the activity of tsinampantsi ‘joking’ among Northern Kampa Arawaks of Peru. Creativity in Language, Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y., Andrea Hollington, Nico Nassenstein and Anne Storch (eds.), pp. 119–147
Among Northern Kampas, the linguistically creative production of tsinampantsi by non-kin and affines intends – apart from having fun – to initiate an intimate relationship or affirm the intimacy of the existing interpersonal relationship. Northern Kampa participants of tsinampantsi ‘joking’ often… read more | Article
Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork in lowland Peru, this study examines interactional functions of Northern Kampa (Arawak) lip funneling gestures. The study has shown that lip funnels have two functions, spatial deictic and upgrading. Spatial deictic lip funnels orient the addressee to a… read more | Article
This study examines the interaction of contrastive focus-marking with nominalization in bisected contrastive focus constructions of Alto Perené, a Kampa Arawak language of Peru. It also investigates morphosyntactic means of contrastive focus-marking in two neighboring Kampa languages, Ashéninka… read more | Article
Based on extensive fieldwork in Peru among Ashéninka Perené Arawaks, this study is a preliminary report on ideophone-gesture composites, with special focus on the meaning and functions of ideophone-gesture couplings within participatory learning frameworks. In expert-novice learning environments,… read more | Article
This research is a first attempt to survey ideophones in the Amazonian Arawak language Alto Perené (a.k.a. Ashéninka Perené). Based on fieldwork data, this study shows that ideophones constitute a separate class of words in Alto Perené in view of their distinctive phonological, morphological,… read more | Article
Mihas, Elena. 2012. Bodily-based conceptual metaphors in Ashéninka Perené myths and folk stories. Endangered Metaphors, Idström, Anna and Elisabeth Piirainen (eds.), pp. 145–160
The paper examines a range of conceptual metaphors which serve as key elements of Ashéninka Perené (Arawak) myths and folk tales, and aims at situating them in the context of Amazonian high jungle dwellers’ culture. Based on fieldwork conducted in 2009–2011 in lowland Peru, the paper gives a brief… read more | Article