Guillermo Lorenzo

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Subjects Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This chapter is focused on an idiosyncratic feature of Asturian in the context of other neighboring Romance languages. In all these languages, the regular clitic forms for the third person dative and the third person accusative cannot cluster together; as a consequence, one or the other must be… read more | Chapter
This introductory chapter provides some background to the rest of the book. It first outlines some major topics of the grammar of the languages of Asturias. After that, some prior approximations to these languages from a generative perspective are reviewed. Finally, the specific issues dealt within… read more | Chapter
This chapter is devoted to the pervasive use in Asturian Galician of a clitic token formally identical to the second person singular dative, albeit with different conditions of use and subject to very different placement restrictions. We claim that such item incorporates a ‘clusivity’ feature as an… read more | Chapter
Over the years, Noam Chomsky has constructed a historiographic narrative according to which Generative Grammar is the outcome of a mix comprising the early awareness of creativity by Galileo, the Cartesians, and Humboldt, the formalization of recursive functions by computational theorists, and an… read more | Article