Rebecca G. Schär

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Subjects Cognition and language | Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Rocci, Andrea, Sara Greco, Rebecca G. Schär, Josephine Convertini, Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont and Antonio Iannaccone 2020 The significance of the adversative connectives aber, mais, ma (‘but’) as indicators in young children’s argumentationArgumentation and Meaning: Semantic and pragmatic reflexions, Oswald, Steve, Sara Greco, Johanna Miecznikowski, Chiara Pollaroli and Andrea Rocci (eds.), pp. 69–94 | Article
Adversative connectives have been analyzed as articulating explicit and implicit facets of argumentative moves and have been thus recognized as potential argumentative indicators. Here we examine adversative connectives Ger. aber, Fr. mais, It. ma (‘but’) in young children’s speech in the context… read more
Perret-Clermont, Anne-Nelly, Rebecca G. Schär, Sara Greco, Josephine Convertini, Antonio Iannaccone and Andrea Rocci 2019 Chapter 12. Shifting from a monological to a dialogical perspective on children’s argumentation: Lessons learnedArgumentation in Actual Practice: Topical studies about argumentative discourse in context, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Bart Garssen (eds.), pp. 211–236 | Chapter