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Scholars who have investigated the history of Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsylvania German) have come to the unanimous consensus that the language most closely resembles the German dialects of the Palatinate region (Pfalz). This is not surprising, since the majority of the German-speaking immigrants to… read more | Chapter
Louden, Mark L. 2011 Synchrony and diachrony of verb clusters in Pennsylvania DutchStudies on German-Language Islands, Putnam, Michael T. (ed.), pp. 165–186
This paper presents the major synchronic facts about verb clusters in modern Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsylvania German) and indicates how they have developed historically. Although Pennsylvania Dutch is descended from primarily Palatine German dialects, the behavior of verb clusters in the modern… read more | Article
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SUMMARY This paper investigates contact-induced change in Yiddish on the example of four problematic sets of phonological data from Yiddish dialectology first discussed by Uriel Weinreich (1963). These data, dubbed “riddles in bilingual dialectology” by Weinreich, are problematic for the fact that… read more | Article