Akua Campbell

List of John Benjamins publications for which Akua Campbell plays a role.


This paper examines a hitherto unreported use of the Gã Perfect gram termed the ‘sequential perfect’. The sequential perfect represents a late stage of grammaticalization as it no longer conveys any aspectual information on its own, instead deriving its semantics from verbal categories in the… read more | Article
This article investigates the power dynamics at play in interpreter-mediated discourse interactions in the district courts in Ghana. Using audio recordings of authentic courtroom proceedings, we analyzed the discursive practices performed by court actors, especially interpreters, and the ways in… read more | Article
Amuzu, Evershed Kwasi, Akua Campbell and Seth Ofori 2020 “That’s not my understanding”: Interpretation in the Ghanaian multilingual courtLanguage and Dialogue 10:3, pp. 389–421
This study investigates the extent to which mostly untrained interpreters render accurately the voices of participants in Ghanaian district courts, and how the participants orient to shortcomings in the interpretations. Based on 7.5 hours of audio-recordings, we found that 91% of interpretations… read more | Article