Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Pragmatics


Crawford Camiciottoli, Belinda. 2019. Cornelia Ilie and Neal R. Norrick (eds.), Pragmatics and its Interfaces . Categorization in multilingual storytelling, Prior, Matthew T. and Steven Talmy (eds.), pp. 486–491
In this chapter, I analyse markers of engagement/disengagement used by company executives and financial analysts in two corpora of earnings conference calls that took place before the 2008 global financial crisis (Pre-crisis corpus), and in late 2009 when the crisis was still ongoing… read more | Chapter
Earnings calls are financial reporting events organised by companies via teleconferencing as a format that allows management and financial analysts to interact on an interpersonal level. In this study, I analyse the relational dimension of earnings calls of European and Asian companies,… read more | Chapter
This paper illustrates an application of grammatical tagging as a methodological tool for the investigation of small specialized corpora. A contrastive analysis was performed on two tagged corpora that represent genres used for the purpose of financial disclosure: spoken earnings presentations and… read more | Article