Chinedu Uchechukwu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chinedu Uchechukwu plays a role.


Uchechukwu, Chinedu. 2014. Dimensions of implicit modality in Igbo. Modes of Modality: Modality, typology, and universal grammar, Leiss, Elisabeth and Werner Abraham (eds.), pp. 485–506
Modality is one of the grammatical categories in Igbo language studies that received the least attention within the last century. There is, however, a growing awareness that the category of modality is expressed in the language through specific verbs and suffixes that have recently been… read more | Article
Uchechukwu, Chinedu. 2008. The grammaticalization of prepositional markers in Igbo: The example of the verb root -nyé 'give'. Syntax and Semantics of Spatial P, Asbury, Anna, Jakub Dotlačil, Berit Gehrke and Rick Nouwen (eds.), pp. 398–407
Uchechukwu, Chinedu. 2007. Subject–object switching and the Igbo lexicon. Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics: Volume 5, Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco José (ed.), pp. 55–76
In her pioneering research on what she described as the subject–object switching (SOS) phenomenon of the Igbo language, U.walaka (1988) explains the phenomenon as the formation of a sentence pair with the same verb but involving a switch of subject and object between the two sentences. This paper… read more | Article