Anneli Luhtala

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Latin Grammars in Transition, 1200 - 1600

Edited by Anneli Luhtala and Mark E. Amsler

Special issue of Historiographia Linguistica 44:2/3 (2017) vi, 270 pp.
Subjects History of linguistics
Subjects Classical philosophy | History of linguistics


It was the Stoics among the ancient philosophers who most vividly developed the philosophy of language as part of their logic. Within their theory of meaning, they recognized various types of predicates which required one or more cases or ‘arguments’ to complete their meaning. A minimal complete… read more
Luhtala, Anneli 2017 IntroductionLatin Grammars in Transition, 1200 - 1600, Luhtala, Anneli and Mark E. Amsler (eds.), pp. 191–203 | Article
In my study I explore three approaches to noun declensions in ancient grammar. The most popular ancient grammar, Donatus’ Ars minor, adheres to a purely descriptive method, which consists in quoting a chosen headword and giving its full morphological paradigm. The second approach presents the case… read more
Luhtala, Anneli 2010 The Multiple Roles of Medieval Grammatica positiva Historiographia Linguistica 37:3, pp. 379–398 | Review article
The earliest references to Latin grammar in the first century BCE associated grammar with the study of virtue and the Liberal Arts. The view of the Liberal Arts as a complete form of education was cherished in Antiquity by Platonists in particular, and was characterized by unity of study as well as… read more
The present article deals with two aspects of linguistic study associated with the reintroduction of Priscian’s Institutiones in the Carolingian Renaissance – the infiltration of logical concepts into linguistic description and the initiation of syntactic studies. In both of these fields the… read more