Molly Andrews

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Considering Counter-Narratives: Narrating, resisting, making sense

Edited by Michael Bamberg and Molly Andrews

[Studies in Narrative, 4] 2004. x, 381 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Narrative Studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Andrews, Molly, Corinne Squire and Maria Tamboukou 2011 Interfaces in teaching narrativesLearning and Teaching Narrative Inquiry: Travelling in the Borderlands, Trahar, Sheila (ed.), pp. 15–32
This chapter is co-written by the three directors of the Centre for Narrative Research at the University of East London, UK and consists of their reflections on teaching narrative to post-graduate students in Britain. The organisation of the chapter is in three different voices, reflecting the… read more | Article
Andrews, Molly 2010 Beyond narrative: The shape of traumatic testimonyBeyond Narrative Coherence, Hyvärinen, Matti, Lars-Christer Hydén, Marja Saarenheimo and Maria Tamboukou (eds.), pp. 147–166
This chapter will explore the limits and possibilities of narratives in which individuals turn to language to communicate the inexpressibility of experiences they have endured. The central dilemma for many survivors of trauma is that they must tell their stories, and yet their stories cannot be… read more | Article
Andrews, Molly 2004 ResponseConsidering Counter-Narratives: Narrating, resisting, making sense, Bamberg, Michael and Molly Andrews (eds.), pp. 51–59
Bamberg, Michael and Molly Andrews 2004 Introduction to the bookConsidering Counter-Narratives: Narrating, resisting, making sense, Bamberg, Michael and Molly Andrews (eds.), pp. ix ff.
One of the most dominant cultural narratives is ‘the story of mothering’ but as many researchers have documented, there is a large chasm between this cultural product and individuals’ lived experiences of mothering and being mothered. When individuals talk about their relationships with their… read more | Article