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Exploring Language and Society with Big Data: Parliamentary discourse across time and space

Edited by Minna Korhonen, Haidee Kotze and Jukka Tyrkkö

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 111] 2023. vi, 379 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology

Applications of Pattern-driven Methods in Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Joanna Kopaczyk and Jukka Tyrkkö

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 82] 2018. vii, 313 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


This chapter investigates discourses of mental health in the British parliament over two centuries (1800–2020). A pattern-driven approach is used to explore terminology related to mentally ill people, mental institutions, and mental health in general. The study focuses on lexical trends in… read more | Chapter
A key task in the study of the system of English predicate complementation is to account for the variation between to infinitive and gerundial complements of verbs and adjectives in recent English. This chapter examines to infinitive and to ‑ing complements of the adjective accustomed, with data… read more | Chapter
Originally introduced in literary theory, Gerard Genette’s concept of paratext has been increasingly adopted in historical linguistics as a collective term for features other than the so-called ‘body text’. While this development and the renewed attention to these features is welcome, we argue that… read more | Chapter
Hiltunen, Turo and Jukka Tyrkkö 2019 Chapter 12. Manual to the LMEMT corpusLate Modern English Medical Texts: Writing medicine in the eighteenth century, Taavitsainen, Irma and Turo Hiltunen (eds.), pp. 337–358
Tyrkkö, Jukka 2019 Kinship references in the British Parliament, 1800–2005Reference and Identity in Public Discourses, Lutzky, Ursula and Minna Nevala (eds.), pp. 97–124
Family and kinship are fundamental concepts of human society and of political governance. Proceeding from the notion that frequency of reference can be taken as a simple measure of visibility and representation, this study examines diachronic trends of kinship reference in British parliamentary… read more | Chapter
The observation, recognition and interpretation of signs of illness has been recognised as one of the cornerstones of medical practice since Hippocrates. Over the centuries, the repertoire of signifier terms used by medical writers has undergone numerous changes. This chapter traces the history of… read more | Chapter
Tyrkkö, Jukka 2019 11.5. Surgical and anatomical textsLate Modern English Medical Texts: Writing medicine in the eighteenth century, Taavitsainen, Irma and Turo Hiltunen (eds.), pp. 299–306
Kopaczyk, Joanna and Jukka Tyrkkö 2018 Chapter 11. Blogging around the world: Universal and localised patterns in Online EnglishesApplications of Pattern-driven Methods in Corpus Linguistics, Kopaczyk, Joanna and Jukka Tyrkkö (eds.), pp. 277–310
The borderless nature of blogging raises the question whether the traditional regionally defined varieties of English continue to hold true (see Crystal 2011). In order to investigate the extent to which the language published online without external intervention is similar around the world, this… read more | Chapter
Tyrkkö, Jukka 2014 “Strong churlish purging Pills”: Multi-adjectival premodification in early modern medical writing in EnglishDiachronic Corpus Pragmatics, Taavitsainen, Irma, Andreas H. Jucker and Jukka Tuominen (eds.), pp. 157–188
This article looks at the frequency and use of sequences of two or more attributive adjectives in early modern medical writing in English. Taking as a starting point the observation that long sequences of premodifiers are one of the many linguistic features that add complexity to present-day… read more | Article
Tyrkkö, Jukka 2013 Printing houses as communities of practice: Orthography in early modern medical booksCommunities of Practice in the History of English, Kopaczyk, Joanna and Andreas H. Jucker (eds.), pp. 151–176
Tyrkkö, Jukka 2013 Exploring part-of-speech profiles and authorship attribution in Early Modern medical textsMeaning in the History of English: Words and texts in context, Jucker, Andreas H., Daniela Landert, Annina Seiler and Nicole Studer-Joho (eds.), pp. 185–210
Historical linguists frequently find themselves working with primary texts of uncertain or dubious origin. Sometimes the author of a text is not known at all or the authorship has been contested on the basis of book-historical evidence; but, whatever the reason is, uncertainties about authorship… read more | Article
This paper discusses the lexicographical contributions of John Halle (1529–1568), a surgeon and a Protestant poet from Maidstone, Kent. Halle was a member of progressive group of elite surgeons intent on improving the profession’s prestige by educating its members and by producing vernacular… read more | Article
Taavitsainen, Irma and Jukka Tyrkkö 2010 Category 1: General treatises and textbooksEarly Modern English Medical Texts: Corpus description and studies, Taavitsainen, Irma and Päivi Pahta (eds.), pp. 65–72
Taavitsainen, Irma and Jukka Tyrkkö 2010 The field of medical writing with fuzzy edgesEarly Modern English Medical Texts: Corpus description and studies, Taavitsainen, Irma and Päivi Pahta (eds.), pp. 57–62
Tyrkkö, Jukka 2010 Category 5: Surgical and anatomical treatisesEarly Modern English Medical Texts: Corpus description and studies, Taavitsainen, Irma and Päivi Pahta (eds.), pp. 119–126
Tyrkkö, Jukka 2010 Hyperlinks: Keywords or key words?Keyness in Texts, Bondi, Marina and Mike Scott (eds.), pp. 79–92
The hyperlink of digital hypertext is a text organizing device which allows the creation of alternative structures through texts organized as networks. This paper examines the inherent keyness of the hyperlink by comparing hyperlinks to statistical keywords derived from text through computational… read more | Article
Tyrkkö, Jukka, Raymond Hickey and Ville Marttila 2010 Exploring Early Modern English Medical Texts: Manual for EMEMT PresenterEarly Modern English Medical Texts: Corpus description and studies, Taavitsainen, Irma and Päivi Pahta (eds.), pp. 219–278