Antin Fougner Rydning

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The concept of creativity in translation is here understood in terms of an exploratory process of visualisation grounded on analogy. The reasons “why” and “how” creativity occurs in translation are respectively elucidated in the light of the Interpretive Theory of Translation (ITT) and the… read more | Article
The present behavioural study explores the cognitive processing of primary and complex conceptual metaphors during the first step of the translational process: comprehension. According to Lakoff and Johnson (1980), primary and complex conceptual metaphors are based on different conceptual… read more | Article
Fougner Rydning, Antin and Christian Lachaud. 2010. The reformulation challenge in translation: Context reduces polysemy during comprehension, but multiplies creativity during production. Translation and Cognition, Shreve, Gregory M. and Erik Angelone (eds.), pp. 85–108
The present study investigates how polysemous English words are translated into Norwegian by professional translators and by bilinguals without translating expertise when presented in context versus in isolation. The effects of translating expertise on information intake as well as on the quality… read more | Article
La présente étude expérimentale porte sur la représentation mentale du mouvement en traduction. L’impression de se déplacer à la lecture d’un texte évoquée par le sémantisme des mots serait due à l’activation conceptuelle d’une simulation de la vitesse. Nous avons posé qu’en traduction la… read more | Article
Fougner Rydning, Antin. 2005. A la recherche d’un modèle explicatif du sens en traduction. FORUM 3:1, pp. 103–133
The present article focuses on the cognitive mechanisms of deverbalisation and reverbalisation of sense in translation. Through an analysis of three professional translators’ process-oriented on-line data, made up from their think-aloud protocols (TAPs) and Translog files, I set out to show that… read more | Article
The aim of this paper is to discuss if ambiguity limits translation. A theoretical distinction is made between intentional ambiguity and fortuitous ambiguity. Whereas intentional ambiguity is seen to be a matter of consciousness possessing a communicational value, fortuitous ambiguity, being a… read more | Article
Koller, Werner and Antin Fougner Rydning. 2004. Preface. "Les limites du traduisible" / "The Limits of the Translatable"