Anna Vatanen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anna Vatanen plays a role.


Vatanen, Anna 2021 Co-presence during lapses: On “comfortable silences” in Finnish everyday interactionIntersubjectivity in Action: Studies in language and social interaction, Lindström, Jan, Ritva Laury, Anssi Peräkylä and Marja-Leena Sorjonen (eds.), pp. 251 ff. | Chapter
This study examines video-recorded, naturally occurring Finnish dyads focusing on lapses (inter-sequential silences). During most lapses, participants undertake bodily activities or behaviors (Hoey 2015). Adding to previous work, this study describes “comfortable” silences where participants… read more
Suomalainen, Karita, Anna Vatanen and Ritva Laury 2020 Chapter 2. The Finnish se että initiated expressions: NPs or not?The ‘Noun Phrase’ across Languages: An emergent unit in interaction, Ono, Tsuyoshi and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 11–42 | Chapter
This paper concerns the grammatical category of Finnish expressions initiated with se että (lit. ‘it that’). In earlier studies based on written data, they have been considered clausal NPs functioning as subjects, objects and complements. In our spoken data, both present-day and older, se että… read more
Vatanen, Anna, Karita Suomalainen and Ritva Laury 2020 Chapter 7. The Finnish projector phrase se että as a fixed expressionFixed Expressions: Building language structure and social action, Laury, Ritva and Tsuyoshi Ono (eds.), pp. 167–202 | Chapter
This chapter shows that the Finnish expression se että ‘it (is) that’, consisting of a demonstrative followed by a complementizer, is a fixed projective element in talk-in-interaction both on its own and with collocating elements. It shares features with projector phrases identified for other… read more