Kaja Borthen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kaja Borthen plays a role.


Borthen, Kaja and Elena Karagjosova 2021 Chapter 14. The Norwegian tag da in comparison to English thenPragmatic Markers and Peripheries, Van Olmen, Daniël and Jolanta Šinkūnienė (eds.), pp. 385–414
The Norwegian tag da and the English tag then have most likely developed from a common historical origin through the process of semantic bleaching and they have many overlapping functions today. This has led some researchers to claim that the two expressions have one and the same procedural… read more | Chapter
Borthen, Kaja and Gøril Thomassen 2014 Referential and functional aspects 
of the Norwegian first person plural viConstructing Collectivity: 'We' across languages and contexts, Pavlidou, Theodossia-Soula (ed.), pp. 65–82
This paper explores questions of reference and communicative functions of the Norwegian first-person plural pronoun vi, based on transcripts of video recorded conversations between patients and nursing students or medical students. While many authentic examples of vi seem to be at odds with the… read more | Article