Miquel Nicolàs

List of John Benjamins publications for which Miquel Nicolàs plays a role.


Nicolàs, Miquel 2022 Chapter 5. Is there a social history of the Catalan language?Catalan Sociolinguistics: State of the art and future challenges, Pradilla Cardona, Miquel Àngel (ed.), pp. 55–66 | Chapter
Over the last century, historical linguistics has produced notable studies on the formal evolution of the Catalan language. Moreover, in recent decades Catalan sociolinguistics has been developed, connecting theory and empirical description to language policy. However, a social history of the… read more
Nicolàs, Miquel 2019 La variació lectal del català en l’era de la societat xarxa: Notes per a un debatThe Intricacy of Languages, Feliu, Francesc and Olga Fullana (eds.), pp. 263–280 | Chapter
Until now, the dynamics of language change is going to understand the dissociation internal/external. The internal dimension understood as a balance between the formal systems of a language. The external data looked incorporate socioeconomic, political and cultural factors as explanatory of… read more
Political identities reflect social inequalities and are rewritten at every historical conjuncture with symbolic materials, arguments and states of consciousness that prevail. Languages that use a human group in this context are vehicles for such reconstruction and act simultaneously as a… read more