Ryoko Uno

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ryoko Uno plays a role.


This study explores the sound-symbolic effects of Japanese consonants on image of food textures. Our experiment tested whether voiced vs. voiceless plosives, at various places of articulation, could affect participants’ image of the hardness of a snack. The results revealed that both voicing and… read more | Chapter
Uno, Ryoko, Fumiyuki Kobayashi, Kazuko Shinohara and Sachiko Odake. 2022. Chapter 2. Analysis of the use of Japanese mimetics in the eating and imagined eating of rice crackers. The Language of Food in Japanese: Cognitive perspectives and beyond, Toratani, Kiyoko (ed.), pp. 55–77
This chapter explores how Japanese mimetics are used to verbally express the texture of rice crackers in real and imagined cases. Two experiments were conducted to test whether the use of mimetics varies when eating rice crackers as opposed to merely imagining eating rice crackers. The analysis of… read more | Chapter
Uno, Ryoko, Kazuko Shinohara, Yuta Hosokawa, Naho Atsumi, Kumagai Gakuji and Shigeto Kawahara. 2020. What’s in a villain’s name? Sound symbolic values of voiced obstruents and bilabial consonants. Review of Cognitive Linguistics 18:2, pp. 428–457
This paper reports two case studies of sound symbolism using the naturalistic name corpora of characters from Disney and Pokémon. Building upon previous studies of sound symbolism, we tested two hypotheses: (1) voiced obstruents, which are generally associated with negative images, are favored in… read more | Article