Jacopo Saturno

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jacopo Saturno plays a role.


This paper examines word formation strategies in initial SLA, with particular regard to the implicit processing of the distributional properties of the input. Learners with various L1s and no experience of the target language (n=163) took a 14-hour L2 Polish course under controlled input conditions. read more
This paper addresses the acquisition of L2 inflectional morphology after only a few hours of exposure. Eighty-nine participants with five different L1s and no experience of the L2 took part in a specially designed 14-hour L2 Polish course, during which they were tested on their developing… read more
Saturno, Jacopo 2019 Chapter 6. Elicited imitation as a diagnostic tool of morpho-syntactic processingTeachability and Learnability across Languages, Arntzen, Ragnar, Gisela Håkansson, Arnstein Hjelde and Jörg-U. Keßler (eds.), pp. 119–136 | Chapter
This chapter evaluates the Elicited Imitation (EI) test as a tool to assess learners’ morpho-syntactic processing abilities. Within the VILLA project, the treatment of the nominative/accusative opposition by 17 Italian L1 initial learners of Polish L2 is observed on the one hand in an EI test… read more