Lucia Sanz Valdivieso

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lucia Sanz Valdivieso plays a role.


Pornography is commonly criticized for allegedly representing and promoting sexual dominance of men over women. Studies have shown varying results, with no scientific consensus reached on the matter. To contribute to the discussion with empirical discourse analysis evidence, I examine the… read more | Article
López Arroyo, Belén and Lucia Sanz Valdivieso. 2022. The phraseology of wine and olive oil tasting notes: A corpus based semantic analysis. Terminology 28:1, pp. 37–64
Specialized genres are bound to the communicative context of their discourse community. However, certain genres extend beyond one specific domain, remaining unchanged at different linguistic levels across domains. That seems to be the case of wine and olive oil tasting notes since both analyze and… read more | Article