Yazgül Şimşek

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Literacy Acquisition in School in the Context of Migration and Multilingualism: A binational survey

Inken Sürig, Yazgül Şimşek, Christoph Schroeder and Anja Boness

[Hamburg Studies on Linguistic Diversity, 5] 2016. xii, 297 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Writing and literacy


Mehlem, Ulrich and Yazgül Şimşek 2015 Bilingual resources and school context: Case studies from Germany and TurkeyTransfer Effects in Multilingual Language Development, Peukert, Hagen (ed.), pp. 249–274 | Article
Based on data collected in the framework of the LAS-project in primary school settings in Turkey and Germany, nominal phrase structures in the narratives of monolingual (German, Turkish) and bilingual (Turkish-German, Kurdish-Turkish) year one children were analysed under three perspectives: 1. The… read more
An example of Turkish-German language contact and the employment of resources of Turkish in the mixed language is a construction with the dummy word şey (‘thing’). Şey occupies the position of a noun, an adverb or a verb (another verb plus the light verb yapmak ‘to do/make’) within a phrase.… read more