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Richard Watson Todd

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 269] 2016. xv, 304 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


Language processing theory posits that a person chooses words based on how he/she conceptualizes the referent. Where there are two or more interlocutors, depending on the way they conceptualize the referent, their word choices may be the same or different. In an unpublished paper, Sinclair… read more | Article
Pojanapunya, Punjaporn and Richard Watson Todd. 2021. The influence of the benchmark corpus on keyword analysis. Register Studies 3:1, pp. 88–114
The growing popularity of keyword analysis as an applied linguistics methodology has not been matched by an increase in the rigour with which the method is applied. While several studies have investigated the impact of choices made at certain stages of the keyword analysis process, the impact of… read more | Article
Towns, Stuart G. and Richard Watson Todd. 2019. Beyond proficiency: Linguistic features of exceptional writing. English Text Construction 12:2, pp. 265–289
Many studies have investigated the correlations between linguistic features and human judgements of writing quality. These studies usually investigate either proficient student writing or exceptional literary writing. The current study attempts to bridge these two perspectives by comparing… read more | Article
In spelling research, data is easily quantifiable and offers a possible glimpse into the mind’s cognitive mechanisms. Previous research has focused on two cognitive routes assumed to be used for spelling in differing situations: one route enabling spelling of words from our lexical memory, and… read more | Article
Jimarkon, Pattamawan and Richard Watson Todd. 2013. Red or Yellow, Peace or War: Agonism and antagonism in online discussion during the 2010 political unrest in Thailand. Discourse and Crisis: Critical perspectives, De Rycker, Antoon and Zuraidah Mohd Don (eds.), pp. 301–322
Darasawang, Pornapit and Richard Watson Todd. 2012. Chapter 12. The effect of policy on English language teaching at secondary schools in Thailand. English in Southeast Asia: Features, policy and language in use, Low, Ee-Ling and Azirah Hashim (eds.), pp. 207–220
In Thailand, education is the main area in which language policy is enacted, and this chapter investigates foreign language policy and practice, especially concerning English, in an attempt to shed light on language policy. We identify seven sources of English language education policy, namely, the… read more | Chapter