Moises Almela Sanchez

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Support verb constructions figure among the most frequently investigated topics in the literature on collocation. So far, most studies of this kind have focused on bipartite structures, consisting of a verbal collocate and a nominal base. Accordingly, the analysis of how support verbs are… read more | Article
Cantos Gómez, Pascual and Moises Almela Sanchez. 2017. Colligational effects of collocation: Lexically-conditioned dependencies between modification patterns of the noun cause. Lexical Priming: Applications and advances, Pace-Sigge, Michael and Katie J. Patterson (eds.), pp. 231–249
Previous research into lexical constellations has uncovered the existence of dependency relations among different collocations of a word (Cantos & Sánchez 2001; Almela 2011; Almela et al. 2011; Almela 2014). Such dependencies are obtained when the strength of the attraction between a node and one… read more | Chapter