Solveiga Armoskaite

List of John Benjamins publications for which Solveiga Armoskaite plays a role.


Gillon, Carrie and Solveiga Armoskaite 2015 The illusion of the NP/DP divide: Evidence from LithuanianLinguistic Variation 15:1, pp. 69–115 | Article
In this paper, we present syntactic and semantic arguments that, in at least one articleless language (Lithuanian), bare nouns are able to project either NP or DP structures (cf. Franks & Pereltsvaig 2004; Ajíbóyè 2006; Pereltsveig 2006). We show that, in some syntactic contexts, Lithuanian bare… read more
Armoskaite, Solveiga 2014 Derivation by gender in LithuanianCross-linguistic Investigations of Nominalization Patterns, Paul, Ileana (ed.), pp. 169–188 | Article
For a long time, grammatical gender has been viewed solely as a feature inherent to nouns and necessary to track agreement between noun and other elements within an utterance (Aikhenvald 2003; Hockett 1958; Corbett 1991). However, since the seminal article of Ritter (1991), other uses and… read more