Sandra Waldenberger

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The subject of this contribution is clitic forms of preposition and definite article in Middle High German (AD 1050–1350). Given the fact that some of these contractions (e.g. am, im, ins, zum, zur) have, in varying degrees, undergone grammaticalization and have been integrated into the system of… read more | Chapter
Waldenberger, Sandra 2015 Lexicalization of PPs to adverbs in historic varieties of GermanAdverbs: Functional and diachronic aspects, Pittner, Karin, Daniela Elsner and Fabian Barteld (eds.), pp. 179–206
Taking PPs that become adverbs as an example, this contribution addresses the question how lexicalization processes can be observed empirically in a corpus of historic texts. Even though language change is often described as change from an earlier A (here: PP, syntagm) to a later B (here: adverb,… read more | Article