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Cognitive Grammar in Literature

Edited by Chloe Harrison, Louise Nuttall, Peter Stockwell and Wenjuan Yuan

[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 17] 2014. xiv, 255 pp.
Subjects Cognitive linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Stockwell, Peter 2021 Chapter 9. In defence of introspectionStyle and Reader Response: Minds, media, methods, Bell, Alice, Sam Browse, Alison Gibbons and David Peplow (eds.), pp. 163–178 | Chapter
This chapter on a short story by D. H. Lawrence revisits a key stylistic account of the text by Bill Nash, which was criticised both specifically and as a general representation of stylistic practice. The chapter addresses those criticisms, differentiating those that are… read more
Stockwell, Peter 2019 Chapter 2. Immersion and emergence in children’s literatureExperiencing Fictional Worlds, Neurohr, Benedict and Lizzie Stewart-Shaw (eds.), pp. 15–32 | Chapter
Immersion – the sense of attentional involvement and displacement in a fictional world – has been established as an experiential phenomenon in psychology and psycholinguistics, but little focus has been given to the understanding of the nature of the experience itself, especially in relation to… read more
Mahlberg, Michaela and Peter Stockwell 2016 Chapter 13. Point and CLiC: Teaching literature with corpus stylistic toolsScientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments, Burke, Michael, Olivia Fialho and Sonia Zyngier (eds.), pp. 253–270 | Article
This chapter looks at the corpus tool CLiC, a web application specifically designed for the study of literary texts. It allows students to run concordances or generate keywords, for instance. It gives students the opportunity to work with a corpus of Dickens novels, but also with novels by other… read more
Harrison, Chloe, Louise Nuttall, Peter Stockwell and Wenjuan Yuan 2014 Chapter 1. Introduction: Cognitive Grammar in literatureCognitive Grammar in Literature, Harrison, Chloe, Louise Nuttall, Peter Stockwell and Wenjuan Yuan (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Article
Stockwell, Peter 2014 Chapter 2. War, worlds and Cognitive GrammarCognitive Grammar in Literature, Harrison, Chloe, Louise Nuttall, Peter Stockwell and Wenjuan Yuan (eds.), pp. 17–34 | Article
Stockwell, Peter 2008 Cartographies of cognitive poeticsPragmatics & Cognition 16:3, pp. 587–598 | Article
The founder of Cognitive Poetics, Reuven Tsur, has seen his project broaden and evolve over the last quarter-century. Some of these developments run counter to Tsur’s continuing thinking, and he has been critical of some of the work that now goes under the name ‘cognitive poetics’. This paper is… read more
Stockwell, Peter 2002 Miltonic texture and the feeling of readingCognitive Stylistics: Language and cognition in text analysis, Semino, Elena and Jonathan Culpeper (eds.), pp. 73–94 | Chapter