Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai plays a role.



Tsai, Wei-Tien Dylan and Ching-Yu Helen Yang 2022 On the syntax of mirativity: Evidence from Mandarin ChineseNew Explorations in Chinese Theoretical Syntax: Studies in honor of Yen-Hui Audrey Li, Simpson, Andrew (ed.), pp. 431–444 | Chapter
This chapter proposes a unified analysis of Mandarin miratives in terms of their syntax and pragmatics. We examine the rather curious behavior of sentential adverbs such as yuanlai ‘turn out’ and zenme ‘how come’ in conjunction with the sentence final particle a. Specifically, the construals in… read more
Lau, Seng-Hian and Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai 2021 Chapter 11. Attitudinal applicative in actionCurrent Issues in Syntactic Cartography: A crosslinguistic perspective, Si, Fuzhen and Luigi Rizzi (eds.), pp. 243–260 | Chapter
In this study, we have investigated a rather peculiar attitudinal construal of an applicative pronoun in Taiwan Southern Min (TSM), which may well advance our understanding of the split affectivity in Chinese dialects (cf. Tsai 2017), as exemplified below: (1) Guá beh lim hōo i kàu-khuì!… read more
Lau, Seng-Hian and Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai 2020 A comparative study of how and why in Taiwan Southern Min and Mandarin ChineseLanguage and Linguistics 21:2, pp. 254–284 | Article
From looking into the same and different properties of how and why between Taiwan Southern Min and Mandarin Chinese, this paper aims to explain the post-verbal how construction with negative speaker attitude. Based on our observations and findings of the specific usages of sī and leh, we propose… read more
Tsai, Wei-Tien Dylan 2019 Chapter 5. Causality, comitativity, contrastivity, and selfhood: A view from the left periphery and the v P peripheryInterfaces in Grammar, Hu, Jianhua and Haihua Pan (eds.), pp. 101–132 | Chapter
When people talk about reflexives, they often think of two arguments in an anaphoric or coargumental relationship. This paper sets out to show that reflexive adverbials also participate in such kind of relationship, but with a far greater range of interpretative possibilities closely associated… read more
Tsai, Wei-Tien Dylan and Melody Yayin Chang 2003 Two types of wh-adverbials: A typological study of how and why in TsouLinguistic Variation Yearbook 2003, Pica, Pierre (ed.), pp. 213–236 | Article
This paper presents cross-linguistic arguments for distinguishing between two types of wh-adverbials: causal how, causal why, and epistemic why pattern together in taking an IP scope, functioning as operators, whereas method how, manner how, and purpose why pattern together in taking a VP scope,… read more