Christiane Marchello-Nizia

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christiane Marchello-Nizia plays a role.


Marchello-Nizia, Christiane 2009 VO vs V(…)O en FrançaisHistorical Linguistics 2007: Selected papers from the 18th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Montreal, 6–11 August 2007, Dufresne, Monique, Fernande Dupuis and Etleva Vocaj (eds.), pp. 109–122
The passage from Latin to the Romance languages has been marked, along with other phenomena, by the movement of the nominal object to the right of the verb, and more generally by the development of strict adjacency among elements belonging to the same phrase or construction. We propose here an… read more | Article
Marchello-Nizia, Christiane 2003 Prépositions françaises en diachronie: une catégorie en questionGrammaticalisation: Le cas des prépositions locatives, Goyens, Michèle et Walter De Mulder (dir.), pp. 205–221
Summary Since the 17th century, French has had both the categories of adverbs and prepositions, each represented by specific morphemes. In Old French however, this situation was different : one morpheme could then function as preposition, adverb, particle, verbal prefixe and subordinating element.… read more | Article