William Van Belle

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The Dative: Volume 2: Theoretical and contrastive studies

Edited by Willy Van Langendonck and William Van Belle

Subjects Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

The Dative: Volume 1: Descriptive studies

Edited by William Van Belle and Willy Van Langendonck

Subjects Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

De betekenis als verhaal: Semiotische opstellen

Algirdas Julien Greimas

[Semiotisch Perspectief, 1] 1991. x, 245 pp.
Subjects Semiotics


Smessaert, Hans, William Van Belle and Ingrid Van Canegem-Ardijns 2014 Adpositional constructions of location and motion in DutchNon-Nuclear Cases, Delbecque, Nicole, Karen Lahousse and Willy Van Langendonck (eds.), pp. 127–172 | Article
In traditional grammar, constructions of location and motion are standardly considered as adverbial adjuncts, i.e. as constituents that do not belong to the nuclear or core elements of the clause. However, in Dutch, as in many other languages, there are different classes of verbal predicates which… read more
Smessaert, Hans and William Van Belle 2010 From manner expression to attitudinal discourse marker: The case of Dutch andersFormal Evidence in Grammaticalization Research, Van linden, An, Jean-Christophe Verstraete and Kristin Davidse (eds.), pp. 137–190 | Article
In this study, we distinguish between three major subtypes of the Dutch adverb anders in terms of the concepts of comparison and phoricity. The criteria of proportionality, clefting and the interaction with negation are applicable to [+comparative/+phoric] Type I anders but not to… read more
Van Canegem-Ardijns, Ingrid and William Van Belle 2004 Pronominal Adverbs Containing Adpositions of Direction in Dutch: Formation and SplittingAdpositions of Movement, Cuyckens, Hubert, Walter De Mulder and Tanja Mortelmans (eds.), pp. 115–143 | Article
In Dutch, adpositional arguments and adjuncts which are semantically close to the verb easily form pronominal adverbs made up of an adverb like er ‘there’ or daar ‘there’ and an adposition (e.g., erin [there.in], daarop [there.on]). Such a semantically close relation typically exists between the… read more
Van Belle, William 1996 2.The indirect oject in DutchThe Dative: Volume 1: Descriptive studies, Van Belle, William and Willy Van Langendonck (eds.), pp. 217 ff. | Chapter