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Pragmatic Meaning and Cognition

Sophia Marmaridou

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 72] 2000. xii, 322 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Pragmatics | Semantics


Geka, Vassiliki, Sophia Marmaridou and Kiki Nikiforidou 2020 Dialogic constructions and discourse units: The case of think again Review of Cognitive Linguistics 18:2, pp. 480–518
Adopting a constructionally-oriented analysis, the present paper examines the pattern ‘think again’ (i.e., an instance of a mental state verb + adverbial adjunct) in synchronic, corpus-derived data. On the basis of both qualitative and quantitative analyses we show that think again merits… read more | Article
This paper argues for the discoursal motivation of constructions and the constructional motivation of a Modern Greek indefinite article, by focusing on generics and some other nominal constructions in Modern Greek containing the indefinite determiner enas/mia/ena (“a/an”, masc./fem./ neut.… read more | Article
This cognitive linguistic corpus-based study embraces Johnson’s (1992: 348) embodiment hypothesis to argue that metonymic and metaphorical extensions of the prototypical sense of Modern Greek prosopo are based on a cultural model of the self. It is also claimed that conceptual structure and… read more | Article
Within the framework of cognitive linguistics and construction grammar (as in Lakoff 1987; Langacker 2000; Goldberg 1995; and Fried and Östman 2004), it is claimed in this paper that the semantics of psuche (psyche) is motivated by cognitive, cultural, and constructional parameters of meaning. More… read more | Article
Marmaridou, Sophia 1996 Directionality in Translation Processes and PracticesTarget 8:1, pp. 49–73
In this article an attempt is made to systematically approach directionality in translation processes and practices from a cognitive point of view. Within the framework of cognitive semantics, it is argued that translation is an instance of conceptual metaphor, whereby conceptual structures of the… read more | Article
Marmaridou, Sophia 1994 Conceptual metaphor in Greek financial discourseThemes in Greek Linguistics: Papers from the First International Conference on Greek Linguistics, Reading, September 1993, Philippaki-Warburton, Irene, Katerina Nicolaidis and Maria Sifianou (eds.), pp. 247 ff.