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(De)legitimising EUrope in times of crisis

Edited by Franco Zappettini and Samuel Bennett

Special issue of Journal of Language and Politics 21:2 (2022) v, 199 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Bennett, Samuel 2022 Mythopoetic legitimation and the recontextualisation of Europe’s foundational myth(De)legitimising EUrope in times of crisis, Zappettini, Franco and Samuel Bennett (eds.), pp. 370–389
Using the example of the European Union’s foundational myth that post-war cooperation led to peace, in this paper I attempt to develop both a theory of mythopoetic legitimation and an analytical framework for its analysis. I start from the position that mythopoesis is a form of legitimation through… read more | Article
Zappettini, Franco and Samuel Bennett 2022 Reimagining Europe and its (dis)integration: (De)legitimising the EU’s project in times of crisis(De)legitimising EUrope in times of crisis, Zappettini, Franco and Samuel Bennett (eds.), pp. 191–207
In this article we introduce our special issue of the Journal of Language & Politics on the (de)legitimisation of Europe. We start by outlining the rationale and research that led us to the special issue. In Section 2 we set out the contextual framing of the contributions, i.e., the crisis of… read more | Article
Right wing populism has always been exclusionary in nature and relies on classic positive in-group/negative out-group constructions (van Dijk 1998). This chapter investigates how the UK Independence Party (UKIP) discursively constructed ‘the people’ during the 2016 ‘Brexit’ referendum campaign. It… read more | Chapter
Pride marches are increasingly common in the 'global South' and can be seen as signs of progress towards greater social acceptance of sexual minorities. Such movements often appropriate and mimic semiotic symbols and discursive frames visible in Pride movements in countries in the North, such as… read more | Article