Peng Zhou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Peng Zhou plays a role.


This study investigated the interpretation assigned to disjunction by Mandarin-speaking children and adults in negative sentences with either overt or covert disjunction. In one condition, both negation and disjunction were phonologically realized in the second conjunct of a coordinate structure.… read more | Chapter
Crain, Stephen and Peng Zhou. 2018. Chapter 11. The meaning of question words in statements in child Mandarin. Semantics in Language Acquisition, Syrett, Kristen and Sudha Arunachalam (eds.), pp. 250–274
This paper reports the findings of three experiments investigating children’s emerging knowledge of the semantics of information-seeking questions and declarative statements in Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin is particularly revealing about the semantic relationship between questions and statements,… read more | Chapter
The present study reports findings from experimental studies investigating Mandarin-speaking children’s knowledge of the free choice reading of existential expressions like wh-indefinites. Twenty-eight monolingual Mandarin-speaking children and twenty-two Mandarin-speaking adults participated in… read more | Chapter