Eriko Sato

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The paper examines the products of interlingual and intralingual translanguaging and qualitatively analyzes three origin-based lexical varieties in Japanese, wago (native Japanese words), kango (Sino-Japanese words), and gairaigo (foreign loanwords other than kango) in terms of how they have been… read more | Article
Sato, Eriko 2020 Tong King Lee. Applied Translation StudiesTarget 32:1, pp. 162–165
This paper examines six English translations of the Japanese novel Botchan with a focus on a complex pun that pairs a multi-morphemic sentence-ending in the Matsuyama dialect with the name of a traditional Japanese food. One English translation renders it as a heterolingual SL-TL pun, which is made… read more | Article
This chapter analyzes the development of the Japanese writing system and the use of multiple types of scripts in translated texts in Japanese based on translanguaging. The sociolinguistic concept of translanguaging refers to the strategic use of linguistic repertoires across language boundaries by… read more | Chapter