Willy Martin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Willy Martin plays a role.


Martin, Willy. 2008. 3. A unified approach to semantic frames and collocational patterns. Phraseology: An interdisciplinary perspective, Granger, Sylviane and Fanny Meunier (eds.), pp. 51–65
The aim of this chapter is to show that frames cannot only offer advantages in explaining the meaning of words (as is usually claimed), but also in clarifying their combinatorial behaviour. In order to do so, different kinds of frames are presented, ranging from the more language-oriented ones à la… read more | Article
Martin, Willy and H. van der Vliet. 2003. 7.2 Design and production of terminological dictionaries. A Practical Guide to Lexicography, Sterkenburg, Piet van (ed.), pp. 333–349
An ALP (=Advanced Learner's Dictionary)- model is presented in which both the learning object and the learning subject are central. The implications of such a model are made explicit and (some aspects of) English ALD' are discussed from that point of view. The aspects dealt with cover among others:… read more | Article